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Invincible Invincible

Year: 2012

      Miron, Kirilll, Kostya and Robin are the backbone of the class, the first both at sporting events and street fights. Even back at school they were called "Invincible." Friends forever ...    &n...

President of the Group of Companies

President of the Group of Companies "PRIOR" - Rodion Leonidovich Pavlyuchik

Born in 1975 in St. Petersburg.

In 1996 graduated from Economics Faculty of the State Institute of Cinematography, in 2000 from - MGIMO.
Works in movie industry from 1996 (the “Slovo" studio in the Mosfilm Cinema Concern)

From 1997 to 2006 worked in group of companies “Piramida", where he headed the departments of international relations, cinema and video advertising , distribution of TV rights.

From August 2006 to April 2008 headed the film screening studio on the channel "TV Center", and then went to the position of producer in the studio "Teleproekt”.

Since 1998 founder and head of  advertising agencies "Navigator", "Frame Media", "KinoKRAFT" (over 1000 companies advertising films and videos).

The founder of a group of companies "Prior", which includes:

Production studios "Prior Production", "Pro100 film" and "Telefilm Production";

Advertising agency "Prior Promotion", specializing in advertising cinema and video;

Distribution Company "PRIOR Distribution",  catalog  of which  includes about 1500 titles of films and TV series of domestic and foreign production;

DVD-label "Lizard".

Creative producer of the projects:

"Wanted list", 2008, 4h44 min. and 1h100 min.

"Nine oranges" ("Detectives regional scale 2"), 2008, 8h44 min

"It was in Gavrilovka 2", 2008, 12h44 min

"Random Bullet. Return of the agent, "2008, 4h44 min. and 1h107 min.

"Random Bullet. The agent is almost not visible ", 2009, 4h44 min. and 1h105 min.

"Random Bullet. Agent for the heiress, "2009, 4h44 min. and 1h104 min.

"Chain", 2009, 8h44 min.

"The General's granddaughter," 2009, 16h44 min.

"Flock", 2009, 8h44 min

General producer / co-producer of the projects:

"A woman wants to know", 2008, 8h44 min

"Let me kiss you", 2008, TV film 90 min

"Christmas gag", 2008, TV film 88 min

"The subscriber is temporarily unavailable", 2008, 4h52 min

"There is no third option", 2009, 4h52 min

"The Taming of the Shrew," 2009, film distribution, 90 min

"Love in the Hay", 2009, TV movie 2h52 min

"Foundling", 2009, TV film 90 min

"Ligovka", 2010, 12h44 min

"Military Intelligence", 2010, 8h52 min

"In love and unarmed," 2010, TV film 90 min

"Heiress", 2010, 4h44 min

"Foundling 2", 2010, 4h44 min

"Love does not come alone", 2011, TV film 90 min

"False Witness", 2011, 4h44 min

"She used to be your girl…"", 2011, 4h44 min

"The best summer of our lives", 2011, 4h44 min

"Ordered to marry," 2011, TV film 90 min

"Estate 18", 2012, full-length

"Let me kiss you ... again," a TV movie 90 minutes

"Foundling 3", 2012, 4h44 min

"Feminine kingdom", 2012, 4h44 min

"Invincible", 2012, 4h44 min

"Military Intelligence: First Strike", 2012, 8h52 min

"Military Intelligence: The Northern Front", 2012, 8h52 min


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