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Petticoat government Petticoat government

Year: 2012

      Oksana is a sleek young woman (32 years), a head of advertising agency. She is not married, and most of her time is spent at work, and to top it off she is in a relationship with a married man Ivan. He, too, is a head o...

Production centre "Pro100film"

Production centre "Pro100film"

Studio, engaged in production of TV films and series. Projects carried out  in the studio were successfully demonstrated on "Russia" and "TV Centre" TV channels:

• "Love on hay", a TV movie
• "Foundling," a TV movie
• "Foundling 2", 4 series
• "Heiress", Series 4
• "Love does not come alone," a TV movie
• "False Witness" 4 series

By order of "TV project":

• "Random bullet 4", 4 series
• "Random bullet 5", 4 series

In production:

• TV Series  " She used to be your girl…"

 " "The best summer of our lives," "Foundling 3"
•  Film "Estate 18"

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