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Run! Run!

Year: 2014

The junior lieutenant Nikolay Markin makes his way to the strict regime colony somewhere in Siberia. He has a secret mission. But he never gets there, ‘cause short of three kilometers from the entrance to the colony, he becomes a witness of esc...

Production centre "Pro100film"

Production centre "Pro100film"

Studio, engaged in production of TV films and series. Projects carried out  in the studio were successfully demonstrated on "Russia" and "TV Centre" TV channels:

• "Love on hay", a TV movie
• "Foundling," a TV movie
• "Foundling 2", 4 series
• "Heiress", Series 4
• "Love does not come alone," a TV movie
• "False Witness" 4 series

By order of "TV project":

• "Random bullet 4", 4 series
• "Random bullet 5", 4 series

In production:

• TV Series  " She used to be your girl…"

 " "The best summer of our lives," "Foundling 3"
•  Film "Estate 18"

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