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Witch: The Power of Fear Witch: The Power of Fear

Year: 2006

Cheerful and charming journalist Ivan is known for his passion for parties and public scandals. When his boss sends him to explore a supernatural phenomena occurring in a remote town, he shows no enthusiasm. Intending to quickly do away with the anno...

Production centre "Pro100film"

Production centre "Pro100film"

Studio, engaged in production of TV films and series. Projects carried out  in the studio were successfully demonstrated on "Russia" and "TV Centre" TV channels:

• "Love on hay", a TV movie
• "Foundling," a TV movie
• "Foundling 2", 4 series
• "Heiress", Series 4
• "Love does not come alone," a TV movie
• "False Witness" 4 series

By order of "TV project":

• "Random bullet 4", 4 series
• "Random bullet 5", 4 series

In production:

• TV Series  " She used to be your girl…"

 " "The best summer of our lives," "Foundling 3"
•  Film "Estate 18"

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