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War Intelligence Service 2. The First hit War Intelligence Service 2. The First hit

Year: 2011

Series “War Intelligence Service: the First hit” is the prequel to the first season “War Intelligence Service: Western Front line” and it covers the first months of the Great Patriotic War and the operations of the intelligenc...

Production centre “Prior”

Production centre “Prior”

In 2012, the Production Centre plans to start production of projects focused on the widest possible audience:


This fantastic family 3D comedy will tell us about adventures of four kids with paranormal abilities, who have to live under the same roof. Usually their mystical powers appear suddenly in a state of nervous excitement or stress, so children are not always able to control them, which lead to countless funny situations... Especially considering that two normal adults and four unique children, unfamiliar with each other, have to imitate a very ordinary family…


What would happen if a trendy, modern, a bit glamorous and a strikingly beautiful Moscow lady is sent to the epoch of oprichnina, patriarchal despotism and the era of the most brutal tyrant-king in our history? And conversely, from the times of Ivan the Terrible to the modern Moscow a princess is moved with a medieval worldview and upbringing, and along with her the famous murderer Malyuta Skuratov? 
      Both beauties, having gone through a lot of comedic adventure will find their love, and both epochs will long remember this trip back in time.

Writer – Andrey Kureychik ("Love-Carrot 1.2", "Office Romance. Our Time," "Christmas Trees")

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