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Year: 2013

      A year has passed after the events of the movie “Ordered to marry”. Lara married Lieutenant Kozlov. Rear Admiral Filimonov arrives in Sevastopol. He tells Admiral Lobanov about national contest among chief...

Advertising & PR

Prior Promotion is responsible for promotional activities of the PRIOR Group, and provides a full range of services for the promotion and sale of movies.

Working in conjunction with such agencies as KINOCRAFT (?) And KadrMedia, Prior Promotion Company provides a full range of services for the promotion and sale of the movie:
• Advertising on major TV channels and radio stations
• Outdoor advertising
• Organization of event activities (premieres and presentations of movies)
• Advertising in the Internet

Unique industry discounts, bonus programs, barter packages, additional opportunities for PR, as well as the extensive experience of advertising films and videos (more than 1000 from 1997) allow us to offer clients extremely favorable terms of advertising.
Also, another important advantage of Prior Promotion is the fact that we are ready to provide bonuses to loyal customers in the form of lottery tickets on the air channels, affiliate marketing campaigns with radio and television channels (special screening for the audience of TV/radio channel with lottery tickets and announcements of action), certain PR bonuses.

And, most importantly, we offer to the reliable customers the deferred payment for a period of 30 to 90 days after the beginning of the advertising campaign (or the date of release of the movie).

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