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Foundling 3 Foundling 3

Year: 2012

Series “Foundling3” is the sequel of the previous two, “Foundling” and “Foundling2”. The events take place when the daughters of Anna and Nikita turn one. While at the pediatrician’s office, Anna and her daug...

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A.S.I Group (Assignments of Special Importance) 2. Operation «Invisible»

Original title: Задания Особой Важности 2. Операция «Невидимка»
Year: 2014
Country: Russia
Manufacturer: “Green-Film” LLC by the order of “PRIOR Production”
Genre: military adventures
Runtime: 4x44 min.
Director: Peter Amelin
Producer: Rodion Pavluchik
Screenwriter: Andrey Jitkov
Cast: Eduard Trukhmenev, Sergey Batalov, Maria Kulikova, Elena Radevich, Ivan Dubrovskiy

The main character is an experienced Soviet spy and saboteur captain Suslov along with his team. Suslov is an expert when it comes to extremely difficult and "impossible" tasks. He is an experienced intelligence officer and a charismatic leader. At the same time his light character and determination help to literally "come off clear" from the most improbable situations. Suslov’s team includes several members: sapper Vesnin, radio operator Arina, guide Seraphima and the "soul of the company " Ivan Kuzmich Bryantsev, nicknamed "Old Man". The development of personal relationships between them, friendship, love and jealousy are an emotional core of the film. Soviet positions are being regularly bombed, but no anti-aircraft gunners, neither fighter aircraft can detect the invisible enemy. The Suslov’s team gets a new assignment: to find and neutralize the latest development of fascists - a top-secret stealth bomber. If this aircraft really exists, it could change the course of the whole war! The coordinated work of team is interfered by personal feelings: Arina, being in love with Suslov, worries about his plans to marry Seraphima. And Vesnin is still hopelessly in love with Arina. But these feelings must not prevent this execution of the assignment.

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