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Rain in may Rain in may

Year: 2012

      Olga is the happiest girl ever: her boyfriend Mark has finally proposed! Everything is perfect: roses, champagne, the exact date of the wedding, travel plans, dreams of future children ... But suddenly the romantic mo...

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Original title: Лиговка
Year: 2010
Country: Russia
Manufacturer: Nikola-Film at participation «Izarus Film»
Genre: historical detective
Runtime: 12x48 min.
Director: Aleksandra But’ko, Aleksey Molochnik
Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Igor Kalenov
Screenwriter: Evgeny Labetsky
Cast: Vladimir Steklov, Yakov Shamshin, Linda Lazareva, Igor Botvin, Arthur Vaha, Aleksandr Adabash’yan, Boris Smolkin, Andrey Fedortsov, Yuriy Itskov, Aleksandr Pankratov-Cherny

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The scene takes place in the 1820s. The rising tide of crime overwhelms Leningrad. Ligovka is a region where people become familiar with criminal world almost since childhood. In the center of the plot there two “arms of the law” from the local militia department, fifty-year-old Shmakov and his fellow worker-trainee Samoilov. Ligovka’s criminal world is controlled by “not-tobe-caught” Leha the Devil. Shmakov swears to catch him, and his dream comes true with the help of Evgenya and Samoilov in the end of the tv series. Тypical for the times crimes Ligovka’s unique atmosphere, a curios period of Soviet militia’s establishment in the “shopkeepers’” Russia – all these are the marks of one very bright epoch, which is very poorly covered in our cinema.

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