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Year: 2013

      Polina (28) is going through breakup with her boyfriend Nikita. She decides to change her environment radically – she is going to spend her vacation in the village "Lopushki". Polina  starts packing...

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Witch: The Power of Fear

Original title: Ведьма
Year: 2006
Country: Russia, USA
Genre: thriller
Runtime: 92 min.
Director: Oleg Fesenko
Cast: Valeri Nikolayev, Arnis Latzitis, Yevgeniya Kryukova

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Cheerful and charming journalist Ivan is known for his passion for parties and public scandals. When his boss sends him to explore a supernatural phenomena occurring in a remote town, he shows no enthusiasm. Intending to quickly do away with the annoying errand, Ivan hits the road.

But by the evening our hero finds himself on an abandoned road that leads him to an old house, where the lost traveler can find a shelter. When the clock struck midnight a charming girl showed up on the doorway. A womanizer, he uses all his charm and quickly wins reciprocity. Ivan has no idea, that hugs of a young maiden will turn into a nightmare ...

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