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Year: 2013

      Igor(35) is a successful resuscitator physician. Igor’s colleague Sveta (33) is a single mother who is raising a four year old daughter Dasha. Igor and Sveta are friends who confide in each other: they share 10 ...

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City spies

Original title: Городские шпионы
Year: 2013
Country: Russia
Manufacturer: «Shchuka»
Genre: Spy, detective
Runtime: 12 episodes
Director: Dmitri Cherkasov
Producer: Dmitri Cherkasov, Oleg Gaze, Lilia Kovalevich
Screenwriter: Vyacheslav Rogozhkin, Nikolai Ivanov, Dmitri Cherkasov
Cast: Oksana Fandera, Anatoli Beliy, Aleksander Robak, Alexei Litvinenko, Vitali Khaev

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They are the real spies. But they don't try to find out military secrets in others countries and don't steal secrets of business corporations. Their task is to expose criminals who wear masks of respectable citizens; to prove that these rich people can break the law. They work under cover and carefully like rope-walkers. Each mistake threatens life.

Andrey Shpagin's team has to disclose frauds of the respectable company which is a criminal syndicate trading in not facetted diamonds. It is a risky game.

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