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ParaNormal family ParaNormal family

Year: 2012

This fantastic family 3D comedy will tell us about adventures of four kids with paranormal abilities, who have to live under the same roof. Usually their mystical powers appear suddenly in a state of nervous excitement or stress, so children are not ...

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Original title: Цепь
Year: 2009
Country: Russia
Manufacturer: studio «Russian»
Genre: action
Runtime: 8 x 44 min.
Director: Dmitry Mednov, Dmitry Onishenko
Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik, Irina Smirnova
Screenwriter: Ivan Serbin, Sergey Korichev
Cast: Aleksey Makarov, Sergey Peregudov, Aleksey Barabash, Viktor Vergbitsky, Egor Barinov, Oksana Dorohina

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“Chain” – is a story about three friends. Two of them have been friends since childhood. They both serve in “the hot spot”, there they meet Stepan, who joined their company.

Back from the army, the friends decide to open their own autoservice center. After that, a chain of events happens in their life, and it would have a great influence on their relations. Every hero has its skeleton in the cupboard, and their stories are inseparably connected with past and future, like the links of one chain...

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