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Neither shall you steal (Icon) Neither shall you steal (Icon)

Year: 2011

In 1295 nearby the city of Kursk a wonderworking icon was found and named later on as “drastic”. Icon was capable of doing healing and protecting from enemies. A great sorrow was bestowed upon those challenging its wholeness. Our story t...

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Year: 2013
Country: Russia
Manufacturer: "Green Film" by order of the company "PRIOR Production"
Genre: melodrama
Runtime: 4 * 44 minutes
Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Screenwriter: Natalia Pavlovskaya

      Sveta and Dima live in a wonderful town Blinov, in the touristic center of Russia.

They both are about thirty, and they have two lovely kids: a seven-year-old Sanya and a toddler Lena. Sveta’s mom, beautiful but lonely business-lady, owns a ceramic shop. Her daughter works there drawing traditional ornaments on cups and plates.

Dima is a talented chef. But he loses his job again and again because of his culinary experiments and intolerance to violations of the quality and quantity of products. Dima does not give up: he still cooks pancakes for his friends and dreams about a restaurant on the riverside of Volga.

Sveta is tired of instability and lack of money. And Olga doesn’t like her son in law: she thinks that such a romantic looser doesn’t suit her daughter. Unlike Petya, Sveta’s classmate – he is a lawyer and seems to be successful.

But one lucky day Sveta wins a lottery – almost 3 millions! She does not tell her husband about her unexpected wealth. All the money she won ... she invests into new restaurant. And this decision will cause a lot of problems for our heroes.

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