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War Intelligence Service 3. The Northern Front War Intelligence Service 3. The Northern Front

Year: 2012

“War intelligence service: Northern Front” is a prequel to the Season 1. It tells us about the formation of the crew of scouts and illustrates its actions on the Northern Front before the beginning of the Finnish war and during it. The...

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If it wasn't for happiness - 2

Year: 2013
Country: Russia
Manufacturer: "Green Film" by order of the company "PRIOR Production"
Genre: melodrama
Runtime: 4 * 44 minutes
Director: Aleksey Prazdnikov
Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Screenwriter: Natalia Pavlovskaya
Cast: Natalia Antonova, Alexey I.Barabash, Andrey Kuznetsov and others

      We meet again the heroes of “If it wasn't for happiness”. Alena has a baby and she is happy with Oleg. Vadim Kostrov tours with concerts and enjoys his fame. One day life brings the ex lovers together. Alena keeps the distance, but Vadim is doing everything to show her that he would be glad to continue their romance. But everything changes when Vadim says that he wasn’t infertile: he made this up to breakup with Alena. But now he realizes how he loved Alena and life without her makes no sense. Vadim declares that he was the father of the baby!  He will fight for their love by any means ... What tied Vadim and Lika so firmly and why only now Vadim was ready to leave her?

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