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Year: 2008

This story takes place in a small military unit stationed in the Urals. Here, in the lack of living space, at the edge of emotions, where one is always watched and has to hide his feelings under the lapels of greatcoat, where the heart must beat in...

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Year: 2013
Country: Russia
Manufacturer: ООО «Studio Pro100Film»
Genre: melodrama
Runtime: 90 minutes
Producer: Anastasia Shipulina, Rodion Pavlyuchik
Screenwriter: Natalia Pavlovskaya

      Polina (28) is going through breakup with her boyfriend Nikita. She decides to change her environment radically – she is going to spend her vacation in the village "Lopushki". Polina  starts packing meticulously: two weeks is a long time!  She carefully chooses what clothes to take. Finally she packs two suitcases and one big bag: Polina needs to look fancy even in the village.

Meanwhile, Masha - Polina’s cousin - is experiencing a "crisis of professional growth". She decides to start her own business – a delivery of clean and natural products to city customers without intermediaries.

After arriving in Lopushki Polina re-learns the rustic lifestyle, many years have passed since her last visit. And most importantly – everything that she loved in her childhood now seems unacceptable: village life, gardening, problems with Internet. Polina begins to adapt to the new conditions of "not life, but survival in the province".

On the contrary, Masha is faced with the harsh conditions of city life and features of survival in the business environment. The two-week change of residence will drastically change the characters of the sisters and their lives ...

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