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Year: 2008

This story takes place in a small military unit stationed in the Urals. Here, in the lack of living space, at the edge of emotions, where one is always watched and has to hide his feelings under the lapels of greatcoat, where the heart must beat in...

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Rain in may

Year: 2012
Country: Russia
Manufacturer: Producer Center “Pro100 Film"
Genre: romantic comedy
Runtime: 100 minutes
Director: Evgeny Lavrentiev
Producer: Anastasia Shipulina, Rodion Pavlyuchik
Cast: Irina Tarannik, Artem Tkachenko, Daniel Dunayev, Anton Vasiliev

      Olga is the happiest girl ever: her boyfriend Mark has finally proposed! Everything is perfect: roses, champagne, the exact date of the wedding, travel plans, dreams of future children ... But suddenly the romantic moment is violated by noise behind the wall: recently moved neighbor is throwing a party. "How long can this go on?" - complain to each other Olga and Mark.

Olga has an idea. Marc comes to his neighbor Denis with a business proposal: they want to buy Denis’ apartment, and find him a new one - no trouble and even financial gain. But the neighbor doesn’t agree. Even after his denial the young couple doesn’t back off: Olga has already fancied a lovely big apartment and cute kids! Will Olga fulfill her dream, or a problematic neighbor will unexpectedly surprise her?..

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