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She used to be your girl… She used to be your girl…

Year: 2011

Pavel Gromov is the first mate on a Russian scientific ship. Pavel”s pregnant girlfriend Lena is sailing with him. The young people plan to get married after the expedition. It turns out that Pavel’s friend Gleb who is a chief engineer on...

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Rain in may

Year: 2012
Country: Russia
Manufacturer: Producer Center “Pro100 Film"
Genre: romantic comedy
Runtime: 100 minutes
Director: Evgeny Lavrentiev
Producer: Anastasia Shipulina, Rodion Pavlyuchik
Cast: Irina Tarannik, Artem Tkachenko, Daniel Dunayev, Anton Vasiliev

      Olga is the happiest girl ever: her boyfriend Mark has finally proposed! Everything is perfect: roses, champagne, the exact date of the wedding, travel plans, dreams of future children ... But suddenly the romantic moment is violated by noise behind the wall: recently moved neighbor is throwing a party. "How long can this go on?" - complain to each other Olga and Mark.

Olga has an idea. Marc comes to his neighbor Denis with a business proposal: they want to buy Denis’ apartment, and find him a new one - no trouble and even financial gain. But the neighbor doesn’t agree. Even after his denial the young couple doesn’t back off: Olga has already fancied a lovely big apartment and cute kids! Will Olga fulfill her dream, or a problematic neighbor will unexpectedly surprise her?..

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