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Witch: The Power of Fear Witch: The Power of Fear

Year: 2006

Cheerful and charming journalist Ivan is known for his passion for parties and public scandals. When his boss sends him to explore a supernatural phenomena occurring in a remote town, he shows no enthusiasm. Intending to quickly do away with the anno...

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False witness – 2

Year: 2013
Country: Russia
Manufacturer: ООО «Studio Pro100Film»
Genre: crime drama, detective
Producer: Anastasia Shipulina, Rodion Pavlyuchik
Cast: Evgeniya Loza, Alexander Ratnikov, Olga Lapshina, Tatiana Lyannik

      Several years have passed after the events of the movie "False witness". Irina and Sergey live a quiet family life raising their son and four-year-old daughter Katya. And this looks like a real happiness.

One day Irina finds out that some unknown woman met her son near the school and asked him a lot of questions about his family. Irina does not pay much attention to it. But few days later Katya mentions a mysterious “aunt Galya” from her kindergarten. Irina worries: what if the woman who caused her so many troubles had managed to get out of prison?

The very next day somebody sets Sergey and Irina up: they both are accused of the crime they had witnessed. Sergey decides to confess: he believes that this would be the only way to save his wife from prison and his kids - from orphanage.  And again Irina had to bear a false witness against Sergei: he convinces her that she has to hide the truth; otherwise they both will lose their freedom and their children.

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