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Year: 2013

      Polina (28) is going through breakup with her boyfriend Nikita. She decides to change her environment radically – she is going to spend her vacation in the village "Lopushki". Polina  starts packing...

english Русский


Year: 2014
Country: Russia
Manufacturer: Green Film Studio
Genre: crime drama
Runtime: 24 * 45 minutes
Producer: Rodion Pavlyuchik
Screenwriter: Andrey Ivanov

      Everybody knows that government security agencies have their own internal security services. But each service works only within their own organization. During the reformation of these structures was created the unusual interdepartmental group. All members of this group have status of "untouchables" and subordinate directly to high-ranking “curator”. The group is headed by FSB Colonel Orlov – the perfect analyst and leader. It also includes the computer genius, the best investigator from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Special Forces officer and the girl - a freelance agent, actress and master of disguise. Perfectly complementing each other, the team investigates the most complicated twists of criminal intrigue. Unique skills and professional connections of each of the group members make their opportunities in the investigation of crimes truly limitless: they bring to light as corrupt government officials as well as policy makers, and effectively fight mafia. They have become a threat to organized crime and real “turnskin hunters."

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