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If it wasn't for happiness - 2 If it wasn't for happiness - 2

Year: 2013

      We meet again the heroes of “If it wasn't for happiness”. Alena has a baby and she is happy with Oleg. Vadim Kostrov tours with concerts and enjoys his fame. One day life brings the ex lovers together. Ale...

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Year: 2013
Country: Russia
Manufacturer: “Green-Film” by the order of “PRIOR Production”
Genre: comedy
Runtime: 90 minutes
Director: Maria Sergeenkova
Producer: Rodion Pavluchik, Pavel Babin
Cast: Igor Lifanov, Maria Kulikova, Boris Sherbakov

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      It’s been a year after the events of the film "Let me kiss you ... again," in which Vlasov with dignity solved the problem of "the general's granddaughter." Now he has been restored in a military rank. The general is also preparing for the promotion and retirement. But one unit spoils all the rates and threatens his "well-deserved rest." There is only one person who can put the unit to rights in the shortest terms. Grigory Vlasov and Natasha are being transferred to St. Petersburg!

Vlasov decides that now, with new location and in new apartment he is ready to get married. "Let me take you to the registrar", - he said. But first he needs to put the unit to rights.  The division entrusted to him is in terrible condition. The verification can descend at any time, and without successful evaluations everything will be threatened: a new apartment, and life in the "northern capital" and the general’s pension. So, Vlasov needs the highest rates!

The situation gets more complicated when the supervisor shows up: it is Svetlana Ivanenko, Vlasov’s ex wife! Gregory will definitely get no favors. The wedding is in danger, and relations between Vlasov and Natasha become tense. Ivanenko orders: " Vlasov,  cancel the wedding!"

Not so fast! Our hero will overcome all obstacles, prove his love and solve all the problems.  And finally he will be able to kiss his bride at the wedding!

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