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Star lover Star lover

Year: 2012

      Alena seems to be a successful woman: she’s bright, attractive, being on a good job position in a financial company, living in the apartment in the center of Moscow with a reliable, non-drinking boyfriend Oleg. Sh...

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No fool like an old fool

Year: 2012
Country: Russia
Genre: melodrama
Runtime: 4*44 min
Producer: Rodion Pavluchik

      Yelena Dmitrievna and Fedor Ivanovich meet at the elderly dance club. Both of them have just retired and do not know how to go on. They are so afraid of loneliness, because they are widowers, with grown up children.  Their  mutual  sympathy  develops  into  a  strong  feeling.  Yelena  and  Fedor  announce  to  their children that they want to marry, but unexpectedly they meet the strong resistance of relatives. Both families, who were not familiar with each other, come together to separate the lovers. Yelena's daughter and son-in-law are afraid that she will settle a new tenant in their tiny apartment. And Fedor's grown-up sons   are   indignant   that   their   father   forgot   so   soon   his   wife   who   had   passed   a   year   ago... Lovers did not expect this. Furthermore, Yelena can see the bad example of relationship: the groom of her friend Nonna turns out to be a fraud. Looking at her unhappy friend, Yelena decides: a woman of her age can’t find happiness!

      And Fedor finds out that while he was blinded by love, his younger son, a good-for-nothing fellow, gave up his studies and ran off the rails. Fedor blames himself: "No fool like an old fool! A son is lost!" Lovers brake up. Later Fedor falls for a 40-years beauty Anna. The owner of a dance club, fascinating, charismatic person, she charms Fedors's sons – and now they want him to get married! When Yelena finds it out, she changes completely! She's not a quiet, submitted to her old age person any more! She will never give her love to another woman!   Learning, that Anna stays with Fedor just to annoy her ex-lover, Yelena finds a way to reunite this couple and to return Fedor, who finally understands, how much he loves Yelena.


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