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Year: 2013

      A year has passed after the events of the movie “Ordered to marry”. Lara married Lieutenant Kozlov. Rear Admiral Filimonov arrives in Sevastopol. He tells Admiral Lobanov about national contest among chief...

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Petticoat government

Year: 2012
Country: Russia
Genre: melodrama
Runtime: 4*44 min
Producer: Victor Mirskiy, Rodion Pavluchik

      Oksana is a sleek young woman (32 years), a head of advertising agency. She is not married, and most of her time is spent at work, and to top it off she is in a relationship with a married man Ivan. He, too, is a head of an equally large advertising agency. Oksana is making a winning proposal for an advertising campaign of an English brand, and therefore is considering moving to London. She finds out that her 16-years old sister Allochka waits for a child after a chance meeting and she’s too far along to have an abortion. Their mom Elena Afanasyevna begs them to keep this from their father good-for-nothing lazy Stepan. Oksana decides that she is going to be the mother instead of her light-headed sister. She makes a deal with a midwife to be listed as the mother of a child and she makes everything to seem like she is pregnant. All the men around her, including Ivan, her lover, are head over hills trying to figure out who the father is, and they suspect  each  other.  Besides  that,  the  head  of  the  family,  Stepan,  is  absolutely  opposed  to  Oksana’s “pregnancy”. She is not even married! With the child around, Oksana’s life gets even more complicated: her advertising proposal goes down the drain, there are troubles at work, all the men are fighting, and Allochka refuses to even touch her child. There is a happy conclusion to this story: everyone is in peace, the family gets reunited, and a long-time lover of Oksana, Ivan, proposes to her.

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