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Year: 2013

      Igor(35) is a successful resuscitator physician. Igor’s colleague Sveta (33) is a single mother who is raising a four year old daughter Dasha. Igor and Sveta are friends who confide in each other: they share 10 ...

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Ballad of a Fighter

Year: 2012
Country: Russia
Genre: melodrama, military action
Runtime: 16 series,4 seasons 4*44 min

In the days of the Great Patriotic War within the Red Army 600 thousand women fought  alongside  with  the  men.  There  were  also  women  in  aviation:  pilots,  flight navigators,  snipers,  radio  operators,  armorers.  Women-aviators  fought  within  the usual,  «male»  aviation  teams,  and  within  special  «female»  units.  This  is  the  story aboutthe formation of those units and about the most famous female pilots... The first episode of a 4-part series is a story of 4 girls that became the first female team within the usual male aviation group.

Inspired by their performance, the famous pilot, Marina Mikhailova Raskova, holder of the “Hero of the Soviet Union” title, made a personal request to Central Committee of  the  Communist  Party  to  form  a  special  female  aviation  unit.  Her  request  was honored. They were so many women willing to do the job, that instead of forming a single unit, they formed 3.

A second episode is the story of the female fighter aircraft pilots of unit 586, known for flawlessly holding the forts over the course of the entire war.

A third episode is the story of the female pilots of unit 587, flying the two-engined bomber-fighter aircrafts, fighting equally well in the air and on the ground. They were also involved in the fight by Stalingrad…

A concluding episode is about the legendary flying unit 588, the light bombardment aircraft unit. Due to slower speeds and lack of the pilot protection, the aircrafts were an easy prey to the Germans, so the majority of the action happened at night. The fearlessness and great losses and damages caused by the fragile female pilots to the Germanarmy earned the unit the name of the “Witches of the Night”.

The personal stories of the characters are closely connected to the evolvement of the Soviet aircraft forces. There are successful fights, falling in love and grieving for the lost ones, all brought on by the war. And there are many lives that are interesting to follow up on even after the war is over…

Every single one of the 4 episodes is a story of it’s own. Suggested format are the 4 seasons, 4 episodes in each.

Season 1: “The Sky Fighter Ballade”
Season 2: “Unit 586. The sky keepers”
Season 3: “Unit 587. Eternal bombing attack”
Season 4: “Unit 588. Witches of the Night»

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