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Cycle “Random bullet” seasons 4 & 5 Cycle “Random bullet” seasons 4 & 5

Year: 2011

      A  private  detective  Bob  Utochkin  and  his  partner  Serzh Volkov have a new investigation to conduct. They have to solve   another   tangle   of...

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Let me kiss you, Sir… Once Again

Year: 2012
Country: Russia
Genre: romantic comedy
Runtime: 113 min
Director: Yuriy Morozov
Producer: Rodion Pavluchik, Pavel Babin, Mikhail Churbanov
Cast: Igor Lifanov, Maria Kulikova, Boris Sherbakov, Alexander Ratnikov, Apolinaria Muravieva

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In New Year’s Eve in the apartment of major Vlasov and his wife warrant officer  Natalya  Kiselyova  the  phone  rings.  It  is  the  General  who  calls  and congratulates Vlasov on perfect objectives on professional development and general military training of Vlasov’s subordinates. The General confirms that the  major  regains  his  grade  as  lieutant-colonel  and  orders  to  come  toMoscow immediatelyas he needs him for a very importantmission.

Vlasov leaves his wife and daughter Masha nicknamed Mukha in Siberia and goes   to   Moscow.   It   turns   out   in   localities   near   Moscow   there   is   a communications battalion where only women serve and Vlasov is the only specialist who can manage “the weaker sex in uniform”. He’s the only one who can bring discipline in a female detachment.  Vlasov has great good and bad experience in this area and tries to make personal approach to every woman in the battalion but the Marshall’s granddaughter Zhenya Fyodorova and  her  true  friends  figure  the  new  commander  out  very  quickly  and  do everything to get rid off Vlasov. They even try as hard as they can to make him fall for Zhenya.

Vlasov doesn’t want to get Natalya upset and tries to keep back the details of his new service from his family. But Mukha misses her father a lot and flies to Moscow to visit Vlasov.   Mukha quickly notices how popular her father is among women and being an ideal daughter brings her mother to Moscow under a very simple excuse – Mukha says that she got dangerously injured. The main characters become a part of a whirlwind of passion, fake and true heartthrobs. Vlasov’s  marriage  is  within  a  hairbreadth  of  disaster  but  the General  arrives  and  the  battalion  gets  ready  for  the  celebration  of  the Defender of the Fatherland Day as lovers solvetheir issues.

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