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Witch: The Power of Fear Witch: The Power of Fear

Year: 2006

Cheerful and charming journalist Ivan is known for his passion for parties and public scandals. When his boss sends him to explore a supernatural phenomena occurring in a remote town, he shows no enthusiasm. Intending to quickly do away with the anno...

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Neither shall you steal (Icon)

Year: 2011
Country: Russia
Runtime: 90 min
Director: Alexey Feoktistov
Producer: Alexey Feoktistov
Cast: Maria Berseneva, Oleg Kharitonov, Alexander Rapoport, Oleg Maslennikov-Voitov

In 1295 nearby the city of Kursk a wonderworking icon was found and named later on as “drastic”. Icon was capable of doing healing and protecting from enemies. A great sorrow was bestowed upon those challenging its wholeness.
Our story takes place in modern times. A team of policemen is assigned a big case – thievery of that very precious icon of Kursky mother of God, one of the most ancient relics of orthodox church. A team of professionals lead by the main character, Mikhail Nikolaev, goes after the thieves, and they have to deal with corrupted people in government. They risk their lives to take over the international conspiracy, challenge the black market of antique resellers, and come out as winners. Or is it possible that the icon itself is helping out our heroes?

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