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Invincible Invincible

Year: 2012

      Miron, Kirilll, Kostya and Robin are the backbone of the class, the first both at sporting events and street fights. Even back at school they were called "Invincible." Friends forever ...    &n...

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Cycle “Random bullet” seasons 4 & 5

Year: 2011
Country: Russia
Genre: criminal
Runtime: 2 seasons 4x45 min
Director: Vladimir Dmitrievskiy
Producer: Anastasiya Shipulina, Rodion Pavluchik
Cast: Sergey Gorobchenko, Grigoriy Antipenko, Andrey Abashkin, Boris Sherbakov, Vladimir Kapustin, Vitaliy Alshanskiy, Sergey Frolov

      A  private  detective  Bob  Utochkin  and  his  partner  Serzh Volkov have a new investigation to conduct. They have to solve   another   tangle   of   crimes   –   they   need   to   make connection  with  a  young  promising  physicist,  citizen  of Cambodia  and  a  criminal  authority  from  Siberia;  find  the documents  shedding  light  on  disappearance  of  so  called Kolchak’s   gold;   prevent   the   leakage   of   the   results   of technical  development  which  are  of  a  great  interest  to  a terrorist group.
      As  well  they  have  to  untangle  a  succession  of  mysterious murders  of  the  people  who  could  seem  not  very  much connected  with  each  other,  prevent  a  hostile  takeover  of emerald   diggings,   prevent   an   international   mafia   from invading a defense plant which specializes on making detail parts for submarines. In the course of events Bob meets his true love – a charming Amazon on a quad bike - Tina.

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