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Petticoat government Petticoat government

Year: 2012

      Oksana is a sleek young woman (32 years), a head of advertising agency. She is not married, and most of her time is spent at work, and to top it off she is in a relationship with a married man Ivan. He, too, is a head o...

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Cycle “Random bullet” seasons 4 & 5

Year: 2011
Country: Russia
Genre: criminal
Runtime: 2 seasons 4x45 min
Director: Vladimir Dmitrievskiy
Producer: Anastasiya Shipulina, Rodion Pavluchik
Cast: Sergey Gorobchenko, Grigoriy Antipenko, Andrey Abashkin, Boris Sherbakov, Vladimir Kapustin, Vitaliy Alshanskiy, Sergey Frolov

      A  private  detective  Bob  Utochkin  and  his  partner  Serzh Volkov have a new investigation to conduct. They have to solve   another   tangle   of   crimes   –   they   need   to   make connection  with  a  young  promising  physicist,  citizen  of Cambodia  and  a  criminal  authority  from  Siberia;  find  the documents  shedding  light  on  disappearance  of  so  called Kolchak’s   gold;   prevent   the   leakage   of   the   results   of technical  development  which  are  of  a  great  interest  to  a terrorist group.
      As  well  they  have  to  untangle  a  succession  of  mysterious murders  of  the  people  who  could  seem  not  very  much connected  with  each  other,  prevent  a  hostile  takeover  of emerald   diggings,   prevent   an   international   mafia   from invading a defense plant which specializes on making detail parts for submarines. In the course of events Bob meets his true love – a charming Amazon on a quad bike - Tina.

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