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The best summer in our life The best summer in our life

Year: 2011

      To conquer a big city an ex-provincial Masha had to put up with the loss of the man she loved. Life was hard on the  heroine  but  she  refused  to  give  up.  Masha  is ...

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Distribution Company PRIOR (PRIOR Agency) is one of the largest distributors of feature films on the regional television market of the CIS and Baltic countries. Our catalog includes about 2000 feature films produced abroad. The package also includes more than 100 domestic films and TV series. Information on recent domestic projects is in the catalog on our website.

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Ballad of a Fighter (2012)

melodrama, military action

In the days of the Great Patriotic War within the Red Army 600 thousand women fought  alongside  with  the  men.  There ...

Foundling 3 (2012)


Series “Foundling3” is the sequel of the previous two, “Foundling” and “Foundling2”. The events take place when th...

Golden Bride (2013)


      Nadya (29) is a teacher of math in one of the Moscow universities. She’s a really hardworking and very accurate...

If it wasn't for happiness - 2 (2013)


      We meet again the heroes of “If it wasn't for happiness”. Alena has a baby and she is happy with Oleg. Va...

Love can not be divided into 2 (2012)


      Jacob, Sonia and their son Dennis live in a modest “Khruschev-era” apartment&nbs...

Love will appear suddenly (2013)


      The protagonist, Elena Dmitrievna, is a single mother who dedicated her life to working in the dairy plant.  Unf...



      Polina (28) is going through breakup with her boyfriend Nikita. She decides to change her environment radically –...

No fool like an old fool (2012)


      Yelena Dmitrievna and Fedor Ivanovich meet at the elderly dance club. Both of them have just retired and do not know ho...

ONE FOR ALL (2012)


      A forty year old retired lieutenant colonel Evgeniy Gennadievich Alexandrov is divorcing his wife in the courtroom. The...



      Sveta and Dima live in a wonderful town Blinov, in the touristic center of Russia. They both are about thirty, and t...

Petticoat government (2012)


      Oksana is a sleek young woman (32 years), a head of advertising agency. She is not married, and most of her time is spe...

She used to be your girl… (2011)


Pavel Gromov is the first mate on a Russian scientific ship. Pavel”s pregnant girlfriend Lena is sailing with him. The young people plan to get ...

Star lover (2012)


      Alena seems to be a successful woman: she’s bright, attractive, being on a good job position in a financial compa...

The best summer in our life (2011)


      To conquer a big city an ex-provincial Masha had to put up with the loss of the man she loved. Life was hard on the&nbs...


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