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A.S.I Group (Assignments of Special Importance). Operation «Typhoon» A.S.I Group (Assignments of Special Importance). Operation «Typhoon»

Year: 2013

The events of the first season ("Operation" Typhoon ") of adventure series "Assignments of special importance" take place in the beginning of the World War II. The main character - Captain Suslov, is experienced Soviet spy-sa...

TV distribution

Distribution Company PRIOR (PRIOR Agency) is one of the largest distributors of feature films on the regional television market of the CIS and Baltic countries. Our catalog includes about 2000 feature films produced abroad. The package also includes more than 100 domestic films and TV series. Information on recent domestic projects is in the catalog on our website.

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      You’ll find everything in this action thriller about a battle between Russian special services officers and rut...

She used to be your girl… (2011)


Pavel Gromov is the first mate on a Russian scientific ship. Pavel”s pregnant girlfriend Lena is sailing with him. The young people plan to get ...

Special Service Friendship (2012)


Two friends, Michael Volkov and Viktor Kamintsev served in “hot spots”, but later they got into different departments. One became a crimin...

Star lover (2012)


      Alena seems to be a successful woman: she’s bright, attractive, being on a good job position in a financial compa...


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