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Invincible Invincible

Year: 2012

      Miron, Kirilll, Kostya and Robin are the backbone of the class, the first both at sporting events and street fights. Even back at school they were called "Invincible." Friends forever ...    &n...

TV distribution

Distribution Company PRIOR (PRIOR Agency) is one of the largest distributors of feature films on the regional television market of the CIS and Baltic countries. Our catalog includes about 2000 feature films produced abroad. The package also includes more than 100 domestic films and TV series. Information on recent domestic projects is in the catalog on our website.

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Gold of Gloria, The (2012)


Three friends arrive from Moscow to Havana. At first glance they are ordinary tourists. But in fact, they are experienced treasure hunters looking for...

Golden Bride (2013)


      Nadya (29) is a teacher of math in one of the Moscow universities. She’s a really hardworking and very accurate...


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